Students face many challenges with school, relationships, work and social interactions.

If someone were to ask me what it is like to be a student in today’s society, I would probably answer them something like this: Let me just tell you that being a student in today’s society is not always easy.

Adults often tell us that we don’t know what stress is and to just wait until we grow up. But we as teenage students have our own levels of stress. For instance, all school activities require you to uphold your grade point average to high standards, along with the expectations that you dedicate any extra time to it day and night.

student exhausted from schoolworks

By the time you are done there, you are too exhausted to finish your school work, but you stay up late to try and return to school feeling half conscious the next day. What good is that?

Now, let me remind you that we are becoming young adults, and some of the students have gotten involved in serious relationships. Of course that doesn’t give a free pass that exempts you from homework, but it does make home life stressful when you are trying to have a relationship as well.

My point is, it is a whole lot more stressful to be a student in high school than adults believe. Though it shouldn’t be this way, it only gets worse as years pass by. And we are constantly being judged, especially for what we believe in.

So our “stress” may not involve paying bills, buying groceries or taking care of a family, but I’m sure if the adults in our lives could go back to school today, they would be surprised at how much it has changed.

teenage stress

I don’t want you to think for a minute that there aren’t good moments and memories made while we are students. We find our friends, our mentors and, if we are lucky, ourselves!

I want to remind everyone, including myself, that in this moment, we are as old as we have ever been, and as young as we will be again. Live in the moment! If this was your last moment, would you be able to say you were living? I want to be able to say yes. So that’s what I am trying to do — learning as I go, wearing faith as my armor and knowing that in God’s plan we are all students and teachers, too.

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

Atwood H. Townsend

By: Famadico, Kizzia Laureen
Clarito, Lorrea Mae E.
Ovejera, Faith Nicole

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